Prices / Conditions / Notes

On this site you wont find good bargain. I and the Space Coaches putting quality first – and this has its price. True to the motto: What costs nothing is worth nothing. The terms on which you can book space coaches in various fields are calculated individually and are always based on the scope, benefits and costs, as well as the current demand. Within Germany no travel costs will be charged. Outside Germany the price depends on the location and arrival. If an overnight stay is necessary, the costumer bears all costs. Before each job an assessment with Alexander Maria Fassbender or a nominated representative will be held by telephone. Please understand that due to organizational reasons a personal consultation is not always possible.

Space Coaching

€ 3,800 per day

The coaching will be held at the place of your choice. If the place is outside of the catchment area of ​​the preffered coach, the costs will be charged to the customer. The following settings are possible: personal interview, by phone or Skype, at any location of your choice.


€ 3,800 per keynote

Keynotes usually lasts between 45 and 90 minutes.


  • two flipcharts (squared) with sufficient paper
  • markers
  • Screen and video projector, sound system
  • headset
  • Water
  • on stage: table for laptop and enough space (no lectern)
  • Presenter, laptop and USB drive with back-up of the presentation is brought by Alexander Maria Faßbender.

Consulting / Education – From Space to Everyday Life

  • Would you like to promote your organization strategically?
  • Would you like to forward your personnel development in the long term?
  • Would you like to get concrete benefits of training / coaching?
  • Do you want long-term success?
  • Special training for companies, managers and employees. Duration usually 4 days with a maximum of 10 people. Individual methods are also possible by arrangement.

The costs depend on the number of participants and the content. Generally always an individual contract is concluded while Gentleman Agreement or oral agreements are set equal . All prices always are net prices excluding the local VAT.  All costs are due in advance, usually no later than eight weeks before the start.

Store Orders

We provide only directly and free of postage within Germany and Austria. Outside of these countries, we ask you to order books via Amzon or similar vendors. If we send you a book or other items via Space Coach Academy, the cost must be paid in advance as well as the postage. We ask for your understanding.


If you have got a voucher from Space Coach Academy, take care of the expiry date. The owner of the voucher will be given a three months grace period. For people / companies in a financially tight situation instalment payments can be agreed. If there are short-term deadlines (less than four weeks in advance) the amount agreed must be paid immediately, either by cash or transferred on our account.

Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. Scope

www.space-coach-academy.com is an Internet offer from Alexander Maria Fassbender -, Email: toask@space-coach-academy.com (hereinafter “SPCA”). “Space coach, coaching Space, Space Academy Coach, Coach Space University, Space Traveller,” is a trademarked term – partly already registered trademark in all spellings and additions). These terms and conditions apply to all services that “SPCA” offering through this website and provides. Different terms and conditions apply only with the written agreement of “SPCA”.

These terms and conditions do not apply for presentations, in-house trainings, coaching etc. which are booked and adjusted to the individual needs of client. In these cases separate contracts with the respective clients are concluded. These agreements can also be booked through the registration form, where they take even liability.

2. Registration / Contract Conclusion

Registration for the services of “SPCA” must be done in writing, e.g. via the registration form on the website www.space-coach-academy.com, by letter (fax) or via mail toask@space-coach-academy.com with date and designation as well as the required personal information of the client. After receiving the mail, e-mail or registration form the registration is binding. The customer / coach / client / participant then receives an invoice for the reported conditions. The participation fee have to be transferred to our well-known Account (see Imprint) as soon as possible.

3. Prices

All prices quoted are – if not already indicated there – plus the currently applicable VAT in Germany (currently 19%) in Euro.

4. Cancellation, event loss, suspension

Cancellations of customer orders must be written and possible to those handling charges listed below:

written notice (e-mail or faxes are excluded from) for open events / training / events / coaching

  • Up to 80 days before implementation: 25% of the conditions.
  • 69-62 days prior to execution: 50% of the conditions
  • 59-51 days prior to execution: 75% of the conditions
  • 39-31 days prior to execution: 100% of the conditions

This also applies to in house events, if only verbal agreements have been made or Gentleman Agreement was given.

“SPCA” has the right to cancel an order due to force majeure, failure (e.g. in case of illness) or other of circumstances, “SPCA” is not responsible for. The same applies if the minimum number of participants is not reached (at open training / events / presentations by 3 (three) registrations up to 5 (five) days before the event). “SPCA” informs the customer immediately about the loss and refunded the fees. Further claims do not exist.

If the customer is excluded from an event because of group- or process-disruptive behaviour (especially for training and group events / Events) excluded, he is not entitled to reimbursement of the course fees. Further claims of “SPCA” reserved.

5. venues, contents and times

“SPCA” can perform the reserved public event in another equivalent and nearby from the one indicated in the event description premises. The contents listed in the event description are binding, but can as far as the event target is not changed, be adjusted individually in the individual case to the needs of the group. In case of failure or termination of the event e.g. due to illness, the event can be held or continued on a later date. The training or performance can be held by a similarly qualified substitute teachers also (now or later).

6. Event Brochures

The customers of the events acknowledge the copyright and all other rights to the documents, on which the (possibly corresponding) author reserves all rights. The documents may be used only for the purpose of the event and for private use. Any other use, in particular reproduction and distribution is only allowed with the written agreement of “SPCA”.

7. Liability

“SPCA” liable under the statutory provisions if the customer asserts claims for damages which are based on intent or gross negligence of “SPCA”, including its representatives or agents. The same applies to claims for damages resulting from the assumption of a guarantee. Incidentally “SPCA” is liable in accordance with statutory provisions if culpably an essential contractual obligation is violated. The claim for damages is then limited to the predictable, typically occurring damage.

The claim for damages time-barred within 12 months after the end of the year in which the claim arose and the users of the obtained justifying the claim circumstances and the damaging party or would acquire knowledge without gross negligence. The liability for culpable injury to life, limb or health remains unaffected; This also applies to the statutory liability for bodily or personal injury, for the absence of guaranteed properties and others due to mandatory statutory provisions. As long as not otherwise regulated, the liability is excluded. Unless a liability of “SPCA” is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of employees, representatives and agents of “SPCA”.”SPCA” is not liable for loss or theft of items brought (z. B. wardrobe, private teaching materials or laptop, or smartphone TablettPC etc.).

8. Privacy, Confidentiality Obligation

All data collected by the customer personal information will be kept confidential and neither personally identifiable nor rendered anonymous to third parties. To the extent necessary, the data are stored and processed and permanently deleted after termination of the contract. “SPCA” subject to confidentiality obligation (in terms of medical confidentiality).

Audio and / or visual recordings of third parties are prohibited during an event. The documents contained in the event price intended for the personal information of the participants. The customer may not copy the documents to pass. Any disclosure of information, including individual, the documents to third parties, in particular for commercial purposes is prohibited.

9. Final Provisions

Should any of these Conditions of Use be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be modified in such way that the intended purpose is achieved. The same applies in case of loopholes these Terms. Agreements that go beyond these terms and conditions or deviate from them, are valid only after written confirmation by the organizer.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. To the extent permitted by law, Bad Toelz,Wolfratshausen is agreed jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract.

Gez. Alexander Maria Fassbender owner of “SPCA” (April 2013)

General note:

“SPCA” indicates that the consultations / coaching alone can not replace psychological consultation or psychotherapeutic therapy and that it is not a therapeutic measure under German law in advising.

To attend the open seminars, coaching and training a normal physical capacity is required. The participants assure a complete mental resilience. Likewise, it is primarily the responsibility of the participant / coachee, whether the consultations, the training is personally suitable for him.


Me, Alexander Maria Fassbender / “SPCA” declare not to work according to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard and / or otherwise associated with a Scientology technology, but they completely reject, no training courses or seminars attended by the aforementioned technologies themselves to have or to visit or arrange for others or to advertise it and neither a member of the IAS nor any other, to be known as a cult organization to still be a member of an organization that opposes the free democratic order. This also applies to all other Space coaches who work for me. These have also made all this declaration.

Signed Alexander Maria Fassbender (as of April 2013)