Impressions from the Space Coach Training May 2015

Impressions from the Space Coach Training May 2015

From 1st to 10th May the third course for Certified Space Coaches was held. This time the certification for eMotionSnyc Coach was integrated as well the one for Mental-Psycho-Coachology©. Every Space Coach may now name himself “Mentalpsycocoachologe”.

Extreme life situations that every person feels differently, are our thing. A trip to the suborbital space is on of these extreme situations that currently aprox. 500 people have already experienced. Every one of them had to pass a huge training program. We have adapted this program and modeled it to give it to our Space Coaches. A various tool has arisen: we find the stress – we eliminate the stress – we create anticipation for a special experience.

An important part of the course are the days within the EAC . It is important to convey the feeling how astronauts are feeling when they have completed their training, qWhat emotional fluctuations they are exposed and what limitations could happen within a short time! These facts are why we are at the training center of the EAC – the Columbus Module of the ISS is the perfect training tool for us. To experience the feeling of tightness – and the astronauts will have to deal with it.

To handle narrowness and anxiety are just a small part of what is taught within the 10 days of the Space Coach Training. Information of techniques, introduction to the matter itself , the Primary Check – this is center piece of the entire program . The check can be adapted to each company and each employee. Introduction to our 8×8 Coaching Program – Astronaut Care.

And beside this: Congratulations to our new space coaches.

The next training will start on 23rd October 2015 in Cologne/Hamburg.


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