Space Coach Ausbildung

Training for Space Coach 1: 1 – without prior knowledge

When you start as a coach you need two things: a good basic knowledge and a good marketing concept. In addition, you need a personal profile to be established in the market.

Content of this individual training:

  • Brush up your basic knowledge
  • Work on your self
  • Learn the language of coaches
  • an effective marketing concept – unique in the world
  • the special knowledge of a Space Coaches
  • Certificate for MBA® coach – Space Coach®
  • Certificate for Mentalpsylogcoach®
  • Criteria and guidelines for ICF and ECA standards

The VITA of Alexander Maria Faßbender tells you that you have to deal with one of the experts of the coaching scene. His advantage: his clear and precise communication in combination with his good sense of humor makes learning easier. Empathy, intercultural experience, social skills and a lot of intuition and tremendous creativity characterize his style. AMF always leads to concrete solutions. Ease with plenty of draft mark his successful work. As perception expert, he takes you to a journey to yourself, so that you become the coach, who you always wanted to be.

As Founder of the Space Academy Coach, he is the perfect partner when it comes to coaching, positioning, special concepts, empathy, identity, trust, speed, persistence, mindfulness, marketing, business and professionalism.

34 – 36 days training to become a certified Space Coach®


At a location of your choice.


The dates will be discussed individually. 20 – 22 days with Alexander Maria Faßbender personally. On request 14 days in the group (Space Coach Training).

The next Training:
Part II  – Dialog in Space in Hamburg 10. – 13. May 2018
Part III – Company in Space in Hamburg 15. – 17. Juni 2018
Part I   – EAC (European Astronautic Center) in Cologne or Airbus Group Bremen Space&Defence 01.09. – 05.09.2018
Part II  – Dialog in Space in Hamburg 11.10 – 14.10. 2018
Part III – Company in Space in Hamburg 30.11. – 02.12.2018
Part IV – Sky Diving Vienna 03.11 – 04.11.2018

You can switch between the blocks, depending on your own time.


Together we develop and customize content you want to become the coach you always want to be – except the training for Space Coach.


An intensive marketing profiling is integrated: development of your own strategy as well as the implementation to the market. Especially the brand of “Space Coaches” is very important and is perceived.

Investment: € 29,800 (net cash) installment possible by arrangement

Lunch, drinks, books, scripts and all training materials are included.Travel and overnight accommodation must be arranged and paid for by the participant themself.


If there are more than 4 interested parties for this special coaching training on the basis of Mental-Psycho-Coachology®, there will be a reduction of 35% per person.


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