Alexander Maria Faßbender® as expert for perception is one of the top coaches for personal development and teaching coach at various European institutions.”Inspiration4Life®” is his theme. His work as a Space Coach is based inter alia on Publications of NASA, ESA, the Austrian Space Forum or Dr. Holland (NASA). Al Holland has prepared, among others, as a psychologist, the astronauts of NASA programs mentally for their missions in space and support.

Meanwhile Faßbender has developed a special coaching program for participants in commercial space flights which provides on the one hand communication and social skills on the oder side short-term therapeutic measures paired with short-term coaching methods. He calls this program: Mental-Psycho-Coachology.

As a coach, he is a creative movers and shakers for every person who wants to bei more  successfully and happy. As speaker, his name stands for “Motivation for Life” and he moves his audience with his themes such as: “Inspiration for life, your life”, “Save our sales – the SOS strategy”, “Mutivation comes from motivation”, “Honesty – your key to success”, “Recognizing and using opportunities” or “Humor + good mood = more success in business”.

Alexander Maria Faßbender is author of “Inspiration4Life – Your Life®” and co-author of “Marketing Heroes Never Die” and “The education gap”. As a coach he advise renowned companies and executives. As  owner of the marketing agency REAL MARKETING his team supervises inter alia Dax entrepreneurs, as well as celebrities from  business, politics and  media. More than 128,000 people follows him via XING, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blog and Twitter.


Alexander Maria Faßbender is coach and speaker, expert for perception with the motto “Inspiration4Life – your Life”


As founder of the Space Coach Academy  Alexander Maria Faßbender is Space Coach Nr. 01.


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