General Terms and Conditions (AGB)



If you are looking for a “cheap” bargain or if “cheap” is all that counts for you, then you are in the wrong place. For the Space Coaches, quality and quantity count and they have their price. True to the motto: What doesn’t cost anything is also not VALUE. And that is what we all measure ourselves by.

The conditions under which you can book me or the Space Coaches in various areas are calculated individually and are always based on the scope, benefit and effort as well as the current demand.

There are no travel costs within the city/district of Vienna. (Individual optimal travel planning by plane, train, taxi or own car). Outside of Vienna the price changes depending on the place and time of arrival. Should an overnight stay/breakfast be necessary, the client/customer pays for it. Usually this varies, depending on the stay within Europe between 500 and 1000 €. Beyond that, special arrangements are made.

Various conditions can be found directly on the website.

Before each order, a detailed clarification with Karina Schneider or a deputy takes place by telephone. A personal arrangement is unfortunately not always possible for organisational reasons. We ask for your understanding.

Space Coaching® – Astronaut/SpaceFlyer
For space
1 day = 5.980 € (net)

The days take place at the place of their choice. If this location is outside the catchment area of the coach, then the costs incurred are not charged to the client.

The following coaching-settings are possible later: personal conversation, by phone or Skype, at your place or at another place of your choice.

Various conditions can also be found directly on the website.


Speaker/Referencing/Speaker – Space Keynote
The impulse lectures usually last between 45 and 90 minutes. Cost item 9.980 € (net)

For speaker activities or as a speaker and speaker we need the following:

two flipcharts (checked) with sufficient paper
thick markers
screen and beamer, loudspeaker system
a headset
Water without music
on the stage table for the laptop and enough space (no lectern please)
He brings a presenter, laptop and USB stick with back-up presentation.
Various conditions can also be found directly on the website.

Further Education and Education – Campus
Do you want to strategically advance your organization?
Would you like to bring your personnel development forward in the long term and keep it there?
Would you like to finally see concrete benefits of training/coaching measures in your everyday life?
Do you want to be or become successful in the long term?
Special training for companies – managers and employees. Duration usually 4 days with a maximum of 10 persons. Individual measures are also possible by arrangement.

The cost is agreed individually and depends on the participant and the contents that are to be conveyed and sustainably secured. As a rule, an individual contract is always concluded. Exceptions are business words or verbal agreements which are to be equated to this. All conditions are always understood as net prices. In addition the at present legally valid value added tax comes.

All agreed conditions are due in advance, usually at least eight weeks before the beginning.

Various conditions can also be found directly on the website.

Should you, for whatever reason, have received a voucher from us, then please make sure that you keep to this within the time frame. We are anyway already beyond the normal legal limits with the redemption. The grace period beyond that is three months above the actual expiry date.

Payment agreements
For people/companies in a financially strained situation, instalments can be agreed.
If short-term appointments are made (less than four weeks in advance), the agreed sum is due immediately and or to be paid in cash or to be paid into the known account. Of course, 100% can also be transferred directly and immediately.

1. Scope of application is an Internet site of space coach academy – , Email: (hereinafter referred to as “SPCA”). “Space Coach, Space Coaching, Space Coach Academy, Space Coach University, Space Traveller, ” is a protected term – partially already registered trademark in all spellings and additions). These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services offered and provided by “SPCA” via this website. Deviating general terms and conditions shall only apply with the express written consent of “”SPCA””.

For booked lectures, moderations, in-house trainings, coaching etc. adapted to the individual wishes of clients, these general terms and conditions do not apply, in these cases separate contracts are usually agreed with the respective clients. However, these can also be booked via the registration form and thus become binding.

2. Registration/conclusion of contract

The registration for the offers of “”SPCA””” takes place in writing, e.g. via a registration form on the website at or by letter (fax) or e-mail with date and designation as well as the required personal details of the client. The registration becomes binding upon dispatch and receipt by “SPCA”. The customer/coach/client/participant (named here as customer) will then receive an invoice for the stated conditions. Payments of the participation fee are to be transferred to the account known there. The same applies to the various blog pages; Facebook pages and other pages operated by Karina Schneider or Alexander Maria Faßbender.

3. Prices

All prices quoted are – insofar as not already stated there – plus the currently applicable statutory value-added tax in Austria (currently 20%) in Euro.

4. Cancellation, event cancellation, exclusion

Clients may cancel orders in writing and at the processing fees listed below:

Written cancellation (e-mail or faxes are excluded) for open events/trainings/events/coachings

– up to 100 days before execution: 25 % of the conditions // up to 80 days before execution: 50 % of the conditions // up to 70 days before execution: 75 % of the conditions // less than 60 days before execution: 100 % of the conditions

This also applies to in-house events if only verbal agreements have been made.

The cancellation option expires at the moment the participant of a Space Coach course has paid, regardless of whether he/she has already paid 50% or 100%. As soon as the money has been credited to the account of the Space Coach Academy, the SPCA uses the course fees to secure the respective named places at the cooperating institutions. This is the only way to ensure that the participants have a right to this place at the time in question. This is also communicated to the participants in detail in various preliminary discussions.

If the participant has already paid 50%, the SPCA will pay 100% of the costs in advance. If a participant, after having paid 50%, decides not to participate for whatever reason, the amount is still due. Until the next paragraph is fulfilled.

If a participant who has already paid decides not to participate, for whatever reason, the only option is to look for a replacement. This means that the participant has to find a replacement himself/herself. The SPCA will do this in its own interest. No matter from which side the replacement is or has been found, at the moment a new participant is found for the Space Coach course and the course fees are again credited to the SPCA’s account, the SPCA will automatically refund the course fees already paid by the participant who intends not to take part in the Space Coach course after all. Only and exclusively in this scenario is the SPCA prepared to dissolve the jointly concluded agreement and waive any further claims.


“SPCA” has the right to cancel an order due to force majeure, failure (e.g. illness) or other circumstances beyond the control of “SPCA”. The same applies if the minimum number of participants (for open trainings/events/lectures) of 3 (three) registrations is not reached 5 (five) days before the start of the event. “SPCA” will inform the customers immediately about the cancellation and will arrange a new date within 24 months. Further claims are excluded.

If the customer is excluded from an event due to gross group or process disruptive behaviour (applies in particular to courses/trainings and group events/events), he has no claim to reimbursement of the participation fees. AMF” reserves the right to assert further claims against the customer.

Should the customer not have paid by the event/coaching/speaker day at the latest as agreed, Alexander Maria Faßbender reserves the right not to appear. He has to announce this to the customer 24 hours before, so that he can still transfer the agreed fee. A receipt must be submitted to AMF without being asked, by e-mail. If the customer does not pay and AMF therefore does not appear for the Event/Coaching/Training, this does not release the customer from his payment.

If this also happens during an open seminar, i.e. the customer, participant has not yet paid his agreed course fees, he can be excluded from the course. Only after full payment he can participate again. Should he no longer wish to participate, this does not release him from payment. See also cancellation periods. If the participant has agreed on the basis of special agreements, e.g. payment by instalments, and does not comply with these either, the customer can be excluded from the course, workshop, etc. at any time. The remaining outstanding payment remains unaffected. Also in this case the customer can participate again after the complete payment.

5. Event locations, contents and times

“SPCA” may hold the booked public event in other premises of equal value and close proximity to the premises specified in the event description.
The contents listed in the event description are binding, but can be individually adapted to the needs of the group in individual cases, provided that the event objective is not changed.If the event is cancelled or discontinued, e.g. due to illness of the leader, the event may be held or continued at a later point in time. The event may also be continued (immediately or later) by an equally qualified substitute lecturer.

6. Event documents

The customers of the events acknowledge the copyright and all other rights to the documents to which the (possibly respective) author reserves all rights. The documents may only be used for private purposes during the event. Any other use, in particular reproduction and distribution, is only permitted with the express written consent of “SPCA”.

7. Liability

“SPCA” shall be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions if Customer asserts claims for damages based on intent or gross negligence on the part of “SPCA”, including its representatives or vicarious agents. The same applies to claims for damages resulting from the assumption of a guarantee. 
Otherwise, “SPCA” shall be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions if a material contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) is culpably breached. The claim for damages shall then be limited to the foreseeable, typically occurring damage.

The claim for damages expires within 12 months after the end of the year in which the claim arose and the user becomes aware of the circumstances giving rise to the claim and of the person causing the damage or should have become aware of them without gross negligence. 

Liability for culpable injury to life, limb or health shall remain unaffected; this shall also apply to statutory liability for bodily injury and personal injury, for the absence of warranted characteristics and due to mandatory other statutory provisions. Unless otherwise regulated above, liability is excluded.
To the extent that any liability of “SPCA” is excluded or limited, this shall also apply to the personal liability of the employees, representatives and vicarious agents of “SPCA”. “SPCA” shall not be liable for loss or theft of items brought in (e.g. wardrobe, private teaching materials or laptops, tablet PCs or smartphones, etc.).

8. Data Protection, Confidentiality

All personal data collected from the customer will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties either in a personalised or anonymous form. If necessary, the data will be stored and processed and irretrievably deleted after termination of the contract. “SPCA” is subject to confidentiality (in the sense of medical confidentiality).

Sound and/or image recordings by third parties during an event are prohibited. The documents included in the price of the event are intended for the personal information of the participants. The customer may neither copy nor pass on the documents. Any disclosure of the data, including individual data, from the documents to third parties, in particular for commercial purposes, is prohibited.

9. Final provisions

Should individual provisions of these GTC be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective regulation is to be changed in such a way that the intended purpose is reached. The same shall apply in the event of loopholes in these GTCs. Agreements that go beyond or deviate from these General Terms and Conditions shall only apply after written confirmation by the Organiser.

The law of the Republic of Austria shall apply. As far as legally permissible, Vienna shall be agreed as the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract.

General information:

“SPCA” points out that this/our consultations/coaching alone cannot replace psychological or psychotherapeutic consultation or even therapy, and that the consultation is not a therapeutic measure.

For the participation in the open seminars, coachings and trainings a normal physical capacity is assumed.
The participant(s) will ensure complete mental resilience. It is also primarily the responsibility of the participants/coaches etc. to decide whether the consultations, training etc. are suitable for them personally.


The coaches of the Space Coach Academy hereby declare not to work according to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard and/or any other Scientology-related technology, but to reject it completely, not to have attended any trainings, courses or seminars according to the aforementioned technologies themselves or to attend them or to cause or advertise them to others and neither to be a member of the IAS nor of any other organization known as a sect, nor to be a member of an organization which opposes the liberal democratic basic order. This also applies to all other Space Coaches who work for me. They have all made this statement as well.

signed Alexander Maria Fassbender 08.07.2023

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