The Space Coach University® offers different courses, further education, trainings, workshops and seminars. To promote and strengthen one’s own personality in particular.

The focus here is on coping with extreme life situations on the basis of “mental psychocoachology”. Extreme life situations are always perceived subjectively differently.

Within the campus we teach everything it takes to become an astronaut. These skills and abilities are highly effective and efficient and applicable to every day life.

 Space Coach®

Training course for extraordinary people who would like to work, accompany, care for, advise and or care for anything but extraordinary people. Step into a new world of coaching – Space Coaching®.

Designed for coaches/therapists/psychologists or just for people who want to do “extraordinary” work. But there is also the possibility of a lateral career. Become a trainer of astronauts in the area of “psyche” and mental.

We also call ourselves AstronautTrainer for MentalPsyche©.

What does a Space Coach® do?

  • Supervision of private space tourists – future astronauts “Space Flyer
  • Coaching as part of the Astronaut Training Program
  • Astronaut Leadership Business Incentive
  • Company – Training: Benefit from astronaut knowledge
  • Stress – Mental Check – for Space Tourists, Companies, Athletes, Extreme People
  • Space Coaching of executives and top athletes and EVERYONE who wants to master top performance
  • Key Note Speeches – Learning from Astronauts / It’s Nice to be an Astronaut / Be an Pionier of your Life / The next step – Astronaut Leadership
  • Supervise various accompanying trainings – Zero Flight / F14 / Diving Center/ I Fly / Simulations / and much more
  • Testing of personal space capability

The course lasts a total of 16 days and is divided into several modules. It is possible to jump within the modules. Usually the 16 days take place within half a year. But if you jump between the modules, you have to reckon with at least one year until you are finished… We support the course with 50%. The subsidy will later be offset against the expected income.


All training courses that can be obtained from us with a recognized certificate or a license. 

  • Space Coach® training course – which concludes with the designation: AstronautTrainer for MentalPsyche©.
  • Spirit for Life Coach©
  • Business Coach Training according to the model of Alexander Maria Faßbender®.
  • Systemic family stands according to Alexander Maria Faßbender® and others can be found here.

Further Education

Seminar, workshops, which astronauts also pass through, you can find here. It starts with communication. Within communication we then look at something like the metamodel, the Milton model, Schulz von Thun, Watzlawik and many more. We deal with the language itself and its contents. Pictorial language international. Mindfulness Training, Meditation Exercises, Body Language and Voice Training, PsychoPhysioGnomics – FacesReading, Perception, Making Decisions, Learning to Balance Emotions, StressBalance.

Short term coaching methods as well as tools from the field of EMDR and kinesiology: DSTG© with a specially integrated tool for the Space Coaches®. We also offer seminars in the field of family constellation and all animal-supported coaching methods. Above all: horses, dogs, birds of prey.

We also offer special trainings in the area: Diving like astronauts train or Sky Diving indoor. Both in combination with the topic: Orientation

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