Space Coach® Course


Space Coach® – The Course

In order to participate in the Space Coach® certified and licensed course, you must have already completed a coaching course or psychological or therapeutic training.
The training language in Europe is German, as a second language English is necessary.

Space Coaching® is not only applicable to future astronauts/space tourists. The tools and methods can also be excellently integrated into everyday life. Whenever decisions have to be made quickly and efficiently in stressful situations, when large amounts of information have to be noted and retrieved at any time, or when one simply wants to live and be perceived more consciously, more actively and more selectively, Space Coaching® is the right choice.
As a Space Coach® you always have the best perspective. This is because we mainly work with astronauts/space tourists and they probably have the best perspective on our small, fragile planet.

What does a Space Coach® do?

  • Supervision of private space tourists – future astronauts “Space Flyer”
  • Coaching as part of the Astronaut Training Program
  • Astronaut Leadership Business Incentive
  • Company – Training: Benefit from astronaut knowledge
  • Stress – Mental Check – for Space Tourists, Companies, Athletes, Extreme People
  • Space Coaching of executives and top athletes and EVERYONE who wants to master top performance
  • Key Note Speeches – Learning from Astronauts / It’s Nice to be an Astronaut / Be an Pionier of your Life / The next step – Astronaut Leadershi
  • Supervise various accompanying trainings – Zero Flight / F14 / Diving Center/ I Fly / Simulations / and much more
  • Testing of personal space capability


Your investment: 19.980 € with a minimum of 4 participants.

Your investment already includes books, scripts and all other teaching materials needed for the training. You will be responsible for your own travel, accommodation and meals. As a rule, you will receive all documents as a PDF file afterwards.

Contents: Primary Check – Astronaut Care Program – Space Business for Leader and Companies
Short Term Coaching Methods – Toolbox – EMDR – Neuroenergetics – DSTG©
Stress Factors – Panic Attacks – Phobias – Anxiety – Pressure
Perception – sharpening of the senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory)
Interpretation-free Communication – Team Building – REISS Motivation Profiling
Original test of suborbital astronauts – experience Space Curl, Sky Diving Indoor flight,
CRM Worst Case for space tourists, weightlessness, flight simulator, training in the Columbus module,
Visit production of rockets and the Orion capsule. Depending on the date also visit ECA and the EAC in Cologne,
Interview with Airbus Space and Defence, Interview with Future Astronaut , FAQ, Introduction to the world of Space Business,

Dates 2024 –  Course Space Coach®                                                                    

Modul I Bremen                                     
Modul II  Mallorca
Modul III Hamburg 
Modul IV Wien       

Dates 2025

Modul I Bremen                                     
Modul II  Mallorca
Modul III Hamburg 
Modul IV Wien 


Important additional information

Business model for the Space Coaches® – The expected customers/passengers/clients will be directly referred by us to the certified Space Coaches®. The ROI is expected after 10 coaching days at the latest. Our expected customers/passengers/clients are recruited from various providers, among others. With us the model 60/40 – 60 % always applies to the executing coach.

“It is no longer a question that suborbital flights will take place, but only when they will take place regularly.
(statements from named space companies, among others)

Within the next 4 years about 500 coaches worldwide will have to be certified – so that the demand can be met only to a certain extent. We now assume that the flights will take place regularly from the III/IV quarter 2022.

At the latest 2022. However, we do not build the aircraft. We take care of mentalPsyche security wherever possible.


Your investment:

19.980 €

excl. VAT, without travel expenses or other services

application documents

  • letter of application
  • Curriculum vitae as PDF file
  • Motivation – why would you like to join the Space Coaches®?
  • Documents, certificates etc. as PDF file

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