Space Coaching for your business means: we come to your company and accompany you. We are the perspective takers and thus show you impressively which possibilities could still exist. We show you new perspectives. We are the ones who normally work with the astronauts of this world. Therefore we have a very special view on the things of this earth. We promote and analyze and everything should remain in the flow. Systemics is the trump card. Success is normal. For us, business means: we have come to stay until everything runs as you have always imagined it would.

Space Leadership

Leadership according to the astronaut principle

Are you a manager or do you want to become one? You are about to take on a management position and finally want to know why others are so successful? You have had enough of theory and want to finally experience practice? Do you want to experience and internalize how success and happiness not only work but can be easily integrated into your life? Are you willing to take responsibility and learn from your mistakes – your natural helpers?

Leadership also means being guided – to recognize when who has more idea and to deal with this knowledge in an appreciative way. This requires social and intercultural skills coupled with interpretation-free, clear and direct communication. But how do you deal with your emotional household? Do you separate your mental garbage, your mental garbage? Can you claim to lead a conscious and happy life with all your senses that is also successful? How present and self-confident are you really?

Special coaching to increase your mental psychocoachlogical abilities.

Space Coaching®

Space Coaching® is designed to cope with a subjectively perceived extreme life situation. (Professional/Private) Each of us probably perceives his personal situation, whatever it may be, as EXTREMELY.

The more hopeless, hopeless or impossible a situation seems, a pioneer/astronaut knows how to solve it. And this is exactly what makes Space Coaching® so “NEW”, so “ANDERS”. We have the best perspective for our coachee. We can therefore find many more new possibilities with them than other coaches. To take perspectives means to take new perspectives, means different decision possibilities. And we always work with proven tools. Our treasure chest is full.

Space Coaching® is the new, different coaching in times of New Work. In this case we call it “New Work Space”.

‘Space to Space’ or ‘Space in Space’ means nothing else than that we create space in space for our customers. You create a space for yourself, in a space, so that it can and may develop differently than before.

Space Company

Companies watch out! Space coaches are excellent question posers and always have the best perspective. Space coaches ask for this: What do you need? Why didn’t the other one work? What do you want from us? If we were successful, to what do you put it?

We don’t present you with a portfolio like everyone else. We specifically ask what didn’t work and why not? You will certainly have an opinion. We’ll ask you what you’ve already done and whether it’s fun to continue throwing money away with similar topics.

We are not the ones who will turn the corner for the twelfth time with a similar topic that cannot be lived. We ask for it: What prevented implementation? Why could the problem not be solved?

We are de facto different and that is a good thing. You don’t want another pole supplier, do you? You finally want results, and you also want employees and managers who are fully intrinsically motivated and sustainable. No problem.

We are consultants, trainers and coaches in personal union. We look at the entire package. We work systemically, almost holistically and definitely successfully. We want success for you.

Primary Business Check


In the Primary Business Check, the whole potential of our Primary Check is in it.

We analyse your daily work or your private processes or a specific situation. And then we use our adapted test to see where they are experiencing stress. We will “follow” you as we used to do in the area of “shadow coaching”. Alternatively we go through point by point the temporal sequence, as well as the course of action. Also thereby we can develop a test and test then again, where your body – stress signals sends out.

In addition there is the Reiss Motivation Profiling/Luxx Profiling. This allows us to determine which drivers you use to achieve your goals and which not. We will then teach you how to juggle the drivers so that you can use them in a meaningful way.

Bringing both together then causes a plan, so that you can live as close as possible to the 100% stress freedom and call your own. This results in a Space Coaching®. Whereby the duration can be very different.


Experience WHY and WHAT we can learn a lot from astronauts and the adventure of space. Mental peak performance for JEDERMANN – Discover your strengths and those you still want to strengthen!

Alexander Maria Faßbender® is founder of the Space Coach Academy® and accompanies among other things the people who fly into space with a special program – consisting of communication, mental training, social competence, coaching as well as short-term methods of any kind.

Learning from the astronaut program – Mastering extreme situations – Trusting yourself more than ever – Knowing that actions must and will lead to success – Discipline and training as the easiest exercise in the world – Increasing awareness by activating all senses – Overcoming fears, panic and insecurities – Getting to the heart of the matter.

Alexander Maria Faßbender reports in his gripping impulse lecture about the work with customers and prospective customers of the booming space tourism. It shows impressing pictures and videos and inspires to thinking.

A journey into space and to oneself! Secure yourself this galactic impulse lecture!

Space Team

Is your team fit? Is your team really fit for the challenges of the future? In most cases most of the answers are: Yes or as far as I think so. Everything is fine. We offer them an exciting alternative to the classic or unusual team-building measures.

Astronauts develop their team in a time window of about 3 – 5 years before they go on their mission as a team. We create a TeamTraining tailored to your situation, to your company, to the special department. Education or finding or consolidation plays only a minor role in this.

The special thing about it is that we will be conducting the TeamTraining in the Mock Up Hall of the astronauts, among other places. In other words we hold everything under difficult conditions. In a module of the ISS 1:1 will be from 6 people upwards. We work with the principle of narrowness, pressure, smell and sweat, time and endurance. For this purpose there is the possibility to install further astronauts specific components.

To support this, we also work with Reiss Profiling Motivation / Luxx Profiling to determine the drivers in the sense of a potential analysis. The total price already includes the profile for everyone. We take this into account.

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