Space Leadership

Space Leadership

Also known as astronaut leadership. This means that we derive from the life and work of the astronauts how leadership should look like.

We were able to get that opinion through a variety of interviews with the real astronauts. We found that astronauts have very specific skills and abilities. In former times one called that also talents. We also found a special way of perception and values. Not only do astronauts tell about it, they also act and live it.

A training that makes you more successful, following the principle of astronauts. Everything becomes easier because you can benefit from astronauts’ experience and their knowledge of space.

How leaders can benefit?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you make decisions?
  • With the head, with the belly or you like to throw dice?
  • How do your executives or employees deal with emotions? Does one or the other collapse?
  • Fears forbidden or just not tolerated?
  • Extreme situations in life? How do you behave? Which solutions are available?
  • Is weakness allowed and where does it become visible and is that good?
  • How do you deal with extreme pressure?
These and similar questions we have actually asked for the future astronauts. We have found that exactly these questions employees and especially executives frequently ask and find little to no answers. If astronauts can not find an answer, then human lives are in danger and a loss of millions is in the house.

So, it quickly became clear to us that the tools we’ve brought together with the way we coach are predestined for business and, most importantly, leaders, to bring back more security and confidence. The goal is that they can then make their decisions differently and, above all, faster and feel the smell of steady success again.

Part of our topic can be found in the list below.

Basically, we create an individual program for every company and every training. We look at the individual participants of the course on site and then put the contents together.

  • personality
  • self-assurance
  • Vision work – trance
  • Neuroenergetic work
  • Memory Training – Data, Facts, Dates
  • The perfect moment – consciously perceive
  • Enjoy the moment – in the here and now
  • Promote your own creativity to solve problems
  • Strengthening the internal and external reference
  • Strengthen values
  • Sharpening the senses VAKOG (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory)
  • Determine VOI (Value of Investment) criteria
  • What goals have I implemented or will I implement?

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8 people. The investment depends on the number of participants and the agreed days.

An example: 5 participants in 3 days – gives the client an investment of 29,800 € for 2 instructional coaches

Your investment:

29.800 €

excl. VAT., without travelling expenses 

Space for Companies

Space for Companies


Classic question at the first meeting: What is the Space Coach Academy doing? So I mean, so maybe we can do business? Clearly in this way of answering, we are outside. This is not our style and it is their and our waste of time.

We ask directly what you need or what you would want from us, if there would be something like that. Sustainability is a must

  • What did you do?
  • What was particularly important to you?
  • Why do you think that it did not work?
  • What exactly should have worked?
  • Do you value more that it works or that it can be implemented?
  • Are there any facts that block or prevent implementation? If so, which would that be? Are we together able to change something with different perspectives?
  • What exact criteria must be met in order to work together?


The number of participants depends on the goals we agree on. We recommend depending on a kick-off event. Mostly we are called to work from the top down. To then move forward with the employees later. From our point of view, from the astronautical point of view, it is crucial that the top levels know what the employees are about. This increases the intrinsic motivation of managers and makes the lives of employees much easier, afterwards. We advise, coach, train and accompany, supervise, until you realize their goals and live ..

Space Coaching®

Space Coaching®

Main focus is the management of extreme life situations. To achieve freedom from stress, to achieve an emotionally balanced household, to live consciously with all five senses, to enjoy and to achieve an inner attitude for mental strength.

That not only sounds exciting, it is.
The whole thing is called Space Coaching® and leads to constant happiness in the real astronauts and a lot of success. Of course everyone defines SUCCESS and HAPPINESS differently. And yet it is the result that counts.

After a Space Coaching®, things are much easier. Their impellers feel magically attracted to their goals that they want to achieve. Astronauts are the pioneers of the digital age. And we have to learn again to become pioneers of our lives.

As part of the coaching, everyone receives a Reiss Motivation Profiling / Luxx Profiling.

“New Work” is nothing different. We have to decide for ourselves what we do, who we do what for and what is the purpose of all this?

Space Coaching® is a systemic coaching with integrated short-term coaching methods from the NeuroLimbic and Trauma Therapy. In 2018 we became the Coaching Award International for the Best Concept.

Space Coaching® is not a normal coaching, because we always work with the best perspective that can only exist, that is the astronauts with the view from the ISS, to the earth. This gives them plenty of new perspectives and opportunities to make new and different choices.

A Space Coaching costs 5.980 € net per day. The Space Coaching® takes place in our central on Mallorca or by arrangement in a place of common choice. If you come to us they will incur no additional costs. For the respective Space Coach you pay the travel costs, which is usually in a flat rate of a maximum of € 500 net, based on Europe.

Your investment:

5.980 €

excl. VAT, per day plus
travel fee € 500 net

Key Note Speech 

Key Note Speech

Alexander Maria Faßbender®, our founder, is an excellent, moving, inspiring and motivating speaker. And that worldwide. The subject of space and its fascination and enthusiasm for what it lives is galactic. We have put together a small selection of how it could fit for your event.

Alexander Maria Fassbender® puts together the program individually with you, so that space and its fascination is tailor-made for your spectators / participants.

“What can we learn from astronauts?”

Regardless of the event, the transfer is made for the respective professional group or participants, so that everyone can really dream of the “fascination astronaut” and take something with them.

“What can we take with us from an astronaut’s mental psyche?”

Alexander Maria Fassbender examines very carefully which psyche and mental strength astronauts need and what we can learn from it. Which trainings should be run? Mental techniques that make our life easier on Earth.

“Stressless not only in Space”

Who would not like to go through stress free life? This is exactly where Alexander Maria Faßbender® shows how the astronauts do it and how we can do it. Did you know that there is a difference between warm and cold stress?

“We have to become, again and again, a pioneer of our lives

There have always been pioneers. Astronauts are pioneers. What distinguishes these? Why is the life of an astronaut / pioneer changing? What skills or skills are necessary to become a pioneer of his life? We have to become pioneers of our lives again!

„Astronaut Leadership | Astronauts make right decisions “

Why are astronauts better leaders? Why can you make decisions so quickly and safely? What abilities and skills do astronauts need for leaders?

“Houston, we have a problem”

How do you solve such problems? How do you handle crisis situations? Can you train crises? And if so, how? Which crew, which members do you need to survive such crises?

Due to the impressive pictures / videos around astronauts these lectures will always leave a lasting impression. And Faßbender knows how to inspire and fascinate with his voice and authentic stories

Selbstreden are also other topics possible, which can be specifically transported always on the transfer of astronauts in the everyday life of each .. Also on every company. Special topics would be:

Stress – courage – humility – emotions / feelings – communication – decision – orientation – intercultural social competence – story telling – success etc.

Your investment:

9.980 €

excl. VAT, per day plus
travel fee € 500 net

Primary Business Check

Primary Business Check

The Primary Business Check contains the full potential of our Primary Check.

We analyze your daily work, your private processes or a specific situation. And then we use our adapted test to see where you get stress.

For this we will “follow” you, as it used to be in the field of “shadow coaching”. Alternatively, we go through the time sequence and the course of action point by point. It also allows us to build a test and then test where your body sends out stress signals.

Added to this is the Reiss Motivation Profiling / Luxx Profiling. This allows us to determine which impellers you are using to achieve your goals – and which are not. We will then teach you how to juggle with the drivers, so that you can use them effectively.

Both together make a plan so you can live the 100% freedom to stress as much as possible and call your own.

Daraus ergibt sich ein Space Coaching®. Wobei die Dauer sehr unterschiedlich sein kann.

It takes about a day to analyze and prepare the test, tailored to your situation. If less then we use the available time to implement the test. The test afterwards, incl. The evaluation of the drivers and the coaching conversation takes even more once a day. Between both appointments are about 7 days.

Your investment:

4.980 €

excl. VAT, both days plus travel costs 500 € net, if we do both in our premises, the travel costs will be waived 


Space Team

Space Team

Is your team fit? Is your team really fit for the challenges of the future?

Yes, or as far as I think so.

All good. We offer you an exciting alternative to the classic or extraordinary team-building measures.

Astronauts work out their team in a time frame of about 3 – 5 years, before they go on their mission as a team. We create you exactly to your situation, your company, tailored to the specific department a TeamTraining. Education or finding or strengthening only plays a subordinate role.

The special thing about it is that we will do the team training, among other things, in the training halls of the astronauts. Say, we hold everything under difficult conditions.

In a module of the ISS 1: 1 will arrive from 6 persons. Maximum number 25 people.

We work with the principle of tightness, pressure, smell and sweat, time and endurance. There is the possibility of other astronaut-specific
Components to incorporate.

To assist, we work in advance with the Reiss Profiling Motivation / Luxx Profiling to identify the drivers in the sense of a potential analysis.

In the total prices, the profile is already included for everyone. We calculate this.

As for the investment, we took an example with a number of participants of 5 persons, based on 3 days. This results in an investment of € 29,800 (net) for the client

The actual investment, however, depends on the number of persons and also on the period. We recommend booking at least 2 days.

From a number of people from 12 upwards, would automatically be a second coach / trainer. Of course, the investment is different here as well.

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