Astronaut – Space Flyer

Space is conquered by tourists. They like to be called Space Flyers.
Space is explored by astronauts.
When both have reached a height of 103 km, both astronauts are allowed to call each other.
We have developed a program especially for the Space Flyer, so that these can be optimally
to prepare them for their special experience.

MentalFitness – Emotion in Balance – Stressless
Interpretation-free communication

Space Flyer – Space Tourists

A Space Toruist is someone who takes a certain amount of money into his hands to fulfill his dream or to satisfy his ego, to give his adventure drive, satisfaction. Maybe he just wants to have been there and experience this indescribable feeling to see the earth from above at a certain distance or to experience weightlessness. In any case he should consider one thing, his suitability. For this he will always have to have a medical examination carried out. And even here many fail unfortunately already. A normal physical fitness is sufficient, but only under certain conditions and prerequisites. And then there is us. We make sure that her psyche is fit. MentalPsyche© is abbreviated for us.

We care for you over a period of about 10 days in the style of a coaching or a personal trainer for the psyche. We make sure that you will have a top mental fitness to experience the flight, your journey, also with all your senses. We provide you with the highest possible stress freedom, so that panic attacks or worse will not occur. We make sure that you are in balance with your emotions. This journey represents an extreme life situation for most people. We support you in mastering this task with flying colours. We work intensively before your flight – partly also during your journey and of course again after your adventure.

Primary Check©

Mental Fitness for your Life

During the one-day Primary Check, we clarify with you whether you are mentally and psychologically capable of the stress of a space flight.

Together we will work out a checklist and pay special attention to stress factors such as anxiety and panic.


Your Investment:

 4.980 € excl. VAT

without travel expenses or other services

Medical Check

Fit to Fly – Body

In addition to the Primary Check we recommend a professional medical check of the physical conditions to every private astronaut.

The duration of the medical check is between 1 – 2 days. We only arrange this. You can also plan both together.


Your Investment:

 5.980 € excl. VAT

without travel expenses or other services

Astronaut Care©

Feel Free for Space

After evaluating the Primary Check, we know exactly which topics we need to work on.

The Space Coaching® usually lasts 5 – 8 days before the flight. And 2 days after the flight. To be able to process everything better. Depending on the evaluation it can take longer,


Your Investment:

 4.980 € excl. VAT

without travel expenses or other services


Astronauts prepare for their mission between 3 and 5 years. Within the TeamTraining you will experience a variety of tasks together. A real individual psychological support takes place mostly only on private initiative. The Russian space authority is already substantially more active there. We start here and have adapted the program, which was conceived for the space tourists. The experiences, the knowledge we could determine at the beginning of our activity, in which we interviewed more than 50 astronauts/cosmonauts/taikonauts.

For this purpose we had the opportunity to exchange information with the space authorities and certain long-term studies were analysed. For example one of the best known: 500 Day’s Mission to Mars. In addition various analog missions and private Habitat missions on earth, e.g. ÖWF Austria. We have also brought in renowned scientists and researchers in the field of psychosomatics and stress, as well as neurobiology. Thus a special program was created which ensures that the astronauts receive additional support on their missions. Identity: clarification, discovery, promotion. Which emotions do I possess and how do I deal with all of them? Finding the emotional balance. Those who know themselves and their emotions do not have it far to the point of stress freedom. Factors such as… also play a role here: Making decisions, dealing with failure, perception, humility, attentiveness, motivation (which drivers do I have at all), purpose and goal orientation, orientation in general, intercultural social competence and much more. In addition an intensive self-management and MindSet. This rounds off everything we are allowed to do with astronauts worldwide.

Experiencing in a team is one thing, but finding and strengthening the individual personality is another. We see ourselves as a complementary partner to the official space agencies. We are not a competitor, to whomever. We dock where others stop. We find solutions where they are appropriate. We find possible weaknesses that were not on the bill before. We also have a CRM crew rescue management. We call it worst case investigation. To create what there probably never will be. We know what we’re doing because we’re good and have the best perspective, just like astronauts.

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