During the one-day Primary Check, we clarify with you whether you are mentally and psychologically capable of the stress of a space flight. Together we will work out a checklist and pay special attention to stress factors such as anxiety and panic. We have developed a test for this purpose, which we will go through with you on this day and evaluate afterwards. In addition, we simulate a complete flight in which, if possible, all your senses will be stimulated.

You will experience your flight in a “trance session” without any technique.

By means of technical support you will experience your special flight. VR glasses and other Space Technique equipment support us in this. A special “Space Chair” gives you the space you need. It feels like it will probably take place during your real flight.  Of course, we also play in the original sounds. We also simulate the radio traffic that could occur or the communication via headphones in general.

We measure pulse, respiration, blood pressure, heart echo, cardiograph, EEG measurements. Thus we can prove to you, where and where exactly, you got stress. We have already arranged the flight in this way, based on pictures and videos, which we have kindly received from the providers.

In addition, we check your social competence and your motivation structure. In advance, before your appointment, you create a so-called “Reiss Motivation Profiling” or the equivalent “Luxx Profile“. Both profiles are based on Steven Reiss and have been scientifically observed and evaluated for years.

All these factors together provide an informative overall picture of your mental fitness.

After this special day, we know whether you can or are allowed to fly with us – or not. In the event of rejection, however, we can show you what steps to take and how we can help you get your clearance after all.It is very unlikely that someone will come out of this test without a “stress test“, but we are happy to learn better.

The Primary Check takes place at our headquarters in Mallorca, Binisallem. We have designed the procedure in such a way that it would normally be possible for you to arrive in the morning and fly back or further in the evening. Of course we offer you our shuttle service. We are about 15 minutes from the airport.

Please keep in mind that the mental/psychological area is relevant for the flight into space in addition to physical fitness. Astronauts of NASA train up to 2 years for a transport to the ISS. We have really developed a recognized intensive course here that is second to none. Our “Primary Check” is currently available at the most important air traffic control authorities, i.e. those that will also be space authorities in the future. And with all the providers known to us. The “Draft Paper” has been published and ALL are currently adhering to it.

If your check is successful, you will of course receive a certification that will be recognised by all private providers worldwide. Please note the following, the certification is currently valid for 6 months. So plan your times with us early so that your certificate is still valid when your start window is announced to you.

Your Investment:

4.980 €

excl. VAT, without travel expenses – ShuttleService and board incl.

Medical Check

Medical Check

In addition to the Primary Check we recommend a professional medical check of the physical conditions to every private astronaut. The Space Coach Academy firmly believes that no family doctor should do this important work.

The duration of this check is approximately 1 day. 

Primary Check incl. Medical Check

We offer them to do both about us. This means that after consultation with you we will arrange the appointments so that you can do both together in 2 days. Up to 2 nights incl. food, if needed are included in the price as well as all fees. ShuttleService incl. your Space Coach will accompany you during the “Medical Check”.

Of course you will receive a certificate for your physical fitness as well as one for your mental fitness. Also for the “Medical Check” and the “Primary Check” anyway.

Your Investment:

5.980 €

excl. VAT, without travel expenses

Astronaut Care

Astronaut Care – Space Coaching

Have you already bought your ticket into space? Congratulations!

However, the goal has not yet been reached. After several interviews with international astronauts/cosmonauts we came to the conclusion how important it will be to take care of the private astronauts directly before and during the flight into space – and also after the flight.

You did not pass the “PRIMARY CHECK” – i.e. there were stress factors that should not occur during a flight? Then the Astronaut Care Program, our Space Coaching® , will eliminate these factors so that you can enjoy your flight.

We guarantee you – if you do not hide anything from us – that our Space Coaches will make you “mentally psycho coachologically” fit and safe for your space flight.

The program will take place at a location of your choice as well as a support via the “NEW MEDIA” is useful and is offered with.

At the moment you would have to plan about 10 days, distributed as follows:

  • 1 day for the Primary Check
  • 1 day left for the Medical Check, if it runs over us
  • 2 days after your flight
  • 5-7 days to achieve the greatest possible freedom from stress, to identify and balance emotions, to experience sensory experience
    MindSet – Mental training to not only experience everything, but also to cope with extreme life situations with ease.
  • Within the 5 -7 days we will also deal with death. None of us wants anything to happen. But someday something will happen, so we want to prevent it. Please let us talk about this in this special protected framework. What have you perhaps already done, taken precautions? What should we do? From our experience this process can take up to 2 days.


In addition there are certain number of days, if desired accompaniment with further additional trainings such as: Zero Flight, F 14, underwater training, centrifuge, etc.


The primary check, i.e. in this case the simulation, is repeated until it is successfully passed. You will then receive the certification.

Which topics can occur? In most cases these are blockades or beliefs that occur. Of course also small traumas can occur again. Affected are for example the following emotions or feelings like: Powerlessness – disgust – shame – anger – fear – frustration – failure – failure – envy – competition – vanity – honour – anger – humiliation – narrowness – disorientation – nausea – emergency – pressure – panic – flight – thought – place-anxiety – anxiety and many more still.

We work with coaching methods and in particular with trauma therapeutic short-term methods. We differentiate as follows: First we take care that the freedom from stress is achieved. Percentage as high as possible. The goal is to achieve over 90% freedom from stress. In addition, we provide them with many “SELF” applicable methods and tools. We do this so that in case of a case, we can communicate with them, and then you remember what we did, what we practiced. You then implement it because you remember. This is based solely on the voice. Because communication is the most important link between you and us.

If we fly ourselves, that is also the best solution. All providers have communication headphones. It follows that the spoken word is important. That is why our Space Coaches® have all received additional training in body language and voice. So that the voice is also harmonious for you. So that words can be transported emotionally.

On your flight we also work with sign language, which we have agreed upon beforehand. As you can see, we are fully prepared for your flight. Even though some providers of course offer different scenarios and carry out differentiated flights. But as far as communication is concerned, there is no difference whether you will now experience a suborbital or orbital flight.

Your investment:

4.980 €

excl. VAT, per day without travel expenses or other services

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