Space up your Life.




What do you need to fly successfully into space? What do you need to live your adventure successfully? AstronautTraining for MentalPsyche© for Space Tourists, also called Space Flyers.

MentalFitness for Astronauts.



What can we learn from astronauts? Find out everything you need to know here so you can move your company forward. Space Coaches for your company – Profit from the know-how of the astronauts.




In our Space Coach course, seminars and workshops you will get to know our neurolimbic-based tools – from interpreation-free communication to short-term trauma therapy methods, mindset tools and the basic knowledge of astronauts.



Book a Space Coaching® to know if you will be able to start your space flight at all. Or we can create a plan to participate. Book space coaching to prove that you have the opportunity to become an astronaut.


Your business needs a galactic sparring partner. One who can always take on a special kind of perspective. A questioning companion, packer and implementer. Who works with values that their managers can and want to live by. And they create a synergy with the company. Who determines your motivation, your driving force and is no stranger to New Work.


Space Coach University®

The campus of the Space Coach Academy® has made it its mission to teach and teach the tools that humans and astronauts in particular need in order to successfully master their mission.

They will make their lives more successful with these tools or the training courses. The meaning of their life will become more obvious or confirmed.

We want you!

Why become a SpaceCoach®?

You want to work with people who want to experience a very special wish?
You want to learn how to easily cope with extreme life situations?
How do you achieve freedom from stress and an emotional balance?
The individual mindset for every situation?
Short-term therapeutic methods. CRM and the 9 points of astronaut success.
You primarily work with people who want to fly into space.
And you will work with astronauts. Before, during and after their flight.
Space Coaching®

Would you like to learn more about your Space Coaching®?

Our Space Coaches®

AstronautTrainer for MentalPsyche©

A list of all Space Coaches® worldwide.
You choose your Space Coach® and everything else will be clarified.

Alexander Maria Faßbender

Founder and First Space Coach

Dr. Werner Regen

Space Coach, Russland


What our customers & partners say:

Lorenz Wenger

CEO of MentalSpace

The Space Coach Academy team clearly showed me my limits. And that before my flight. Stress is mostly in situations that you think are impossible. The mental training has helped me infinitely to concentrate better and to think about the possibilities of the worst case and to train it, priceless. I am going to meet my flight date secured.
Andreas Rottensteiner

Future Astronaut

Space up your Life!

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