From 1st to 10th May the third course for Certified Space Coaches was held. This time the certification for eMotionSnyc Coach was integrated as well the one for Mental-Psycho-Coachology©. Every Space Coach may now name himself “Mentalpsycocoachologe”.

Extreme life situations that every person feels differently, are our thing. A trip to the suborbital space is on of these extreme situations that currently aprox. 500 people have already experienced. Every one of them had to pass a huge training program. We have adapted this program and modeled it to give it to our Space Coaches. A various tool has arisen: we find the stress – we eliminate the stress – we create anticipation for a special experience.

An important part of the course are the days within the EAC . It is important to convey the feeling how astronauts are feeling when they have completed their training, qWhat emotional fluctuations they are exposed and what limitations could happen within a short time! These facts are why we are at the training center of the EAC – the Columbus Module of the ISS is the perfect training tool for us. To experience the feeling of tightness – and the astronauts will have to deal with it.

To handle narrowness and anxiety are just a small part of what is taught within the 10 days of the Space Coach Training. Information of techniques, introduction to the matter itself , the Primary Check – this is center piece of the entire program . The check can be adapted to each company and each employee. Introduction to our 8×8 Coaching Program – Astronaut Care.

And beside this: Congratulations to our new space coaches.

The next training will start on 23rd October 2015 in Cologne/Hamburg.


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