A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step! Being the first German Founder Astronaut of Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) I’ll fly as co-pilot of the spaceship “The Lynx” (XCOR) to space. But my trip to space has already begun – because preparation is needed. Because of the fact that only 500 people have been in space, I am proud to be a pioneer, a part of world history. As a medical doctor, I am pleased to be able to gather information for scientific purposes, so that space travels can open up new worlds of the future for mankind in terms economically, travel, education, growth and sustainability.

“Open your Mouth, suction tube on, burr march.” The daily business of a dentist, you might think. Quite far from that! Dr. Jos Gal is not only owner of the 20 most beautiful dental offices in Germany, he also would like to be the first space tourist of the Republic. The ticket is already purchased and since 2012 Jos Gal is preparing for the trip into space with simulation flights. “I have no fear. I love projects that are not ordinary. “And it is quite inclined to believe him. Earlier Jos Gal was a magician, as a young dentist he made development aid in the South Seas, in 2001 he won the Physicians Tennis World Cup. Meanwhile GSA Member Gal also offers – beside consulting – to help you as a Golf-Med-Dent-Coach. Without doubt: Dr. Gals Vita could fill books. Let’s have a look what he makes out within 20 minutes!


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