In May 1st 2015, another Space Coach Course starts

Facts: What does a Space coach do?

  • Care of private space tourists
  • Astronauts Care Program
  • Testing for suitability for space – Entrepreneur
  • Mental Check
  • Coaching of executives and professional athletes
  • Entrepreneurs training: Profiting from astronauts knowledge

Application: Worldwide

Duration of training: 10 days.

Investment: 8.900 € (net)

Requirements: Trained coach or similar courses such as psychology or psychotherapist

Foreign languages: mother tongue and English mandatory

If no coaching training exist, then write separate application.

Application forms directly to

We are looking for the following languages: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, French.

Background information

Business Model for Space Coaches – Customers will be directly passed on to us from the Certified Space coaches. The ROI can be expected after only 8 days coaching. Customers recruit among other things to from private providers.

“There is no question that suborbital flights will take place, but only when it will happen regularly.” (Statements from reputable companies)

Within the next 2 years 500 coaches worldwide will have to be certified – so that the needs can be covered only to some extent. The ECA has certified the entire program. All work of the Space coaches be scientifically evaluated and well adapted steadily high.


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