The Earth’s magnetic field as a morphogenetic memory

At its protective function to protect us from the harmful rays from the cosmos, the earth’s magnetic field has a very different function. It acts as a kind of intermediate storage in the sense of a morphogenetic database of the earth. We need this earth’s magnetic field in order to stabilize our psyche to find our way in this illusory world. It is even able to influence our consciousness and our perception. An absence of Earth’s magnetic field leads to mental confusion. In people with a distinct body’s magnetic field, these irritations do not occur.


Interestingly, the strongest magnetic field generator of the human body is not the brain but the heart! The body’s own magnetic fields correspond to the level of consciousness of a human being. The clearer and quiet is a human and the more he himself of his divine abilities are aware, the stronger the magnetic field of his body.

This knowledge comes from human spaceflight. The first cosmonauts suffered from space sickness, because they were outside the Earth’s magnetic field. Only the use of artificially generated magnetic fields that correspond to the field strength of our earth’s field in some, the cosmonauts were able to continue their work as healthy people. But what I think is particularly important is that since all the cosmonauts have to complete a special training of the mind before their trip into space, at least in Russia.

Such mental training is referred to there as’ magical training, “where the most misinterpreted word ‘magic’ here has a different meaning than we normally ascribe to him. The word ‘magic’ comes from the Latin> Magus <from which, in turn, on the title of Persian priests (> Magu <) goes back, which in turn grew out of the ancient Babylonian> Mag ar <.

In fact, the Cosmonaut candidates were trained by Siberian shamans. This brought their students a strong self-awareness in – no ego-consciousness, but the expression of the true self! In the state of an actual self-consciousness vibrate significantly more neurons together in the same clock frequency. This produce a correspondingly stronger magnetic field than if we for example integrated into the routine of everyday life – and therefore are unconscious. In each neuronal activity arise small electric and magnetic fields. The more cells in synchrony swing, the stronger are the fields produced. In the state of self-consciousness vibrate very many neurons in unison and generate correspondingly strong fields.

This trained self-awareness and the associated magnetic fields by the Siberian shamans, the cosmonauts are healthy and balanced people. A – for operators of manned space flight – unwanted side effect, however, is that these astronauts, because they are – more or less pronounced – are in a state of self-consciousness, and see through the real meaning of their professional activities.

Source: By Dieter Broers – The Betrayed Heaven – Return to Eden

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